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Official Motorola Library — In TidBITS-322 we mentioned a PowerPC math library compiled from Motorola’s PowerPC SDK. The library was later withdrawn due to licensing concerns and Motorola’s intent to release their own version. Though it’s a few weeks late, Motorola has indeed released LibMoto, which improves the performance of some floating point math functions on Power Macs. The shared library is available for free (a developers version is also available), although Motorola asks users to register online to download the library. If you don’t do extensive number-crunching or graphics work on your Power Mac, you probably won’t significant benefit from this library, but some users could see worthwhile performance improvements. I’ve seen unconfirmed reports of problems using LibMoto with the GeoPort Express Modem and some fax software (surprise!), so be sure to take normal precautions before installing this (or any) system software. [GD]


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Oct 05, 2021 I have a Mac, iPad, and iPhone and I have two issues with Safari 15 across my devices. On my iPad, the frequently visited sites disappeared sometime after the iOS 15 upgrade. Settings show they are supposed to be visible and toggling Frequently Visited off and back on makes no difference. My iPhone doesn't have this issue. The feature, which won’t be available until later in the fall, lets users play music simultaneously and watch or listen on multiple devices, such as a Mac or Apple TV.

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