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AweEraser for Mac is 100% safe. It ensures permanently erasing targeted data on your hard drive, USB flash drive, digital camera, memory card, RAID, Server and other storage media. AweEraser 4.0 KoLom Crack Activation Download Software Mac. By telcitergdibb. Download All Files. Select a Collection. Or create a new one below. LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. Disk Space: at least 60MB. RAM: at least 128 MB. DOWNLOAD AweEraser 4.6 for Windows.

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This is derived from the same source as Super Eraser given away before, not possible to say which company develops it and sells it to be rebranded by the other. eraser
sadly cannot seem to find a complete version history on their site just a single:
'What’s New in Version 4.3?
•Improve disk tool.
•Fix a few bugs.'
no mention of what was new in all the previous versions... and seeing as we are given only 4.2 there MUST be a few KNOWN bugs in this giveaway version.... thanks alot magoshare!
For other visitors to this site the 4.3 version on their site accepts the giveaway license.
Note 'Disk Tools' is just running Microsofts CHKDSK.EXE utiity in a custom shell. It does nothing more or less than CHKDSK does, including sometimes making files and folders inaccessible when it repairs repairs a slightly faulty file system! Use with caution!
Note there also is no mention of a significant potential data leak in an area known as 'cluster tips', when free space or a file is erased the erasure should erase the slack space between the CURRENT end of the file and the end of the logical cluster because that slack space can contain data if a file has been truncated a little or if it previously held other data. Freespace erase should optionally offer wiping of all files cluster tips. And all file erases SHOULD extend every file to the end of the last logical cluster and then overwrite the data.

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