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The iOS intro price is a mere £3.99 (RRP Pricing is £29.99 on Mac and Windows & £4.99 on iOS Store, with a 2 week introductory discount at £23.99 & £3.99 respectively. I asked Gabriel from Caelum Audio what he thinks sets Beef apart from other apps that do a bit of saturation, distortion, bitcrushing etc and this was his reply. Improved and rebuilt plugin that recreates the classic sound of tape cassettes.

  1. Caelum Audio Beef For Mac Free Download Windows 7
  2. Caelum Audio Beef For Mac Free Download

Keyz ships with over 80 different meticulously designed and sampled keyboard sounds, so you can mix and match these in any combination in the two voice playback system. Each of the two voices in Keyz features:
Overall voice controls – volume, pan , pitch and unison
Volume envelope
Tremolo and Vibrato – with user drawn LFO curves
Multi Mode filter – with 8 different filter types and velocity sensitivity
Dedicated LFO for Filter frequency(cutoff)
Each of the two voices is then passed through the effects section that features:
4- band EQ
Keyz also features:
Our powerful and flexible portamento (glide) system
Mono/polyphonic control
Our Infinite Round Robin Engine (IRRE)
A cross-mix control to allow you to seamlessly cross-fade between the voices
An instrument wide and a per-voice randomization system
A favouriting presets system
Scalable UI
CC Management system
A flexible arppegiator
home page:
Size:124 MB [124 MB]

Caelum Audio Beef v1.0.1 macOS Patched

Beef Up Your Sound
Beef is a multi-effect audio plugin with a sole purpose, to make your tracks sound BEEFY. It brings all the effects you need to create powerful sounds into one efficient and easy to use window.

Beef was originally built to focus on creating the fattest basses and drums as possible. If you’re tired of folder-diving through 808 samples and want to sculpt your own hard-hitting basses with ease, then look no further.


Beyond its original aim, Beef will make anything sound massive, even the most feeble audio. From guitars to vocals and from synths to foley, flex your proverbial biceps and BEEF THEM UP.

– Multi-stage 4-band EQ to sculpt your sound before and after saturation.
– Rate modulation using filtered noise to enhance and engrain tracks with noisy tectures.
– Charge sounds with 6 selectable saturation algorithms.
– Decimate your audio in a dedicated crush section.
– Further shaping options using the transient shaper.
– Carve transients by using the shaper.
– Blend your BEEF with an all important mix control.

Preset Mode
Tweaking parameters not your thing? You just want a great and immediate sound? Enjoy Beef’s built-in “Preset Mode” which removes everything except the mix control for ease of trying presets. When in this mode, the mix control will not change so that you can find and compare your perfect sound from our selection of 124 presets.

Caelum Audio Beef For Mac Free Download Windows 7

85 of these are artist presets from some of our favourite content creators and friends: Ali Ahmet from The Beat Community, Ave Mcree, Gavinski’s Tutorials, Jamie Mallender, Nu-Trix The Synth Guy, The GarageBand Guide, The REAPER blog and Venus Theory.

Caelum Audio Beef For Mac Free Download


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