Canary Mail For Mac - 57 User Reviews

12/28/2021by admin
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Apple Mail

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  • Free from Apple, included with macOS

Like us you are probably using the Mail app that comes with your Mac. It's not a bad app at all. One of the key benefits is the simple fact that there is a matching app available for your iPhone and iPad - but there is so much more than the integration between the different devices that allows you to 'Hand off' an email from one device to another and carry on from where you left off.

Mail also offers various handy features such as built-in Mark Up tools that you can use to illustrate and emphasise aspects of the attachments - and even add your signature. There's also that essential elements of modern digital communication - emoji.


You can sort your email in various ways to make it easier to manage. This includes creating Smart Mailboxes (folders) with set rules that determine which emails are directed there. One feature of Mail that we love is the option to differentiate between VIP senders. So that emails from people in your VIP list are diverted to a separate inbox (meaning you can ignore everything else).

Canary Mail For Mac - 57 User Reviews

In a similar fashion, you can select certain Mailboxes as Favourites, and then quickly access them from the Favourites section in the Mail sidebar.

Use the Search field in the top right to find emails. Mail uses intelligent search to determine the most likely email you are looking for and also offers suggestions that might further narrow down your results.

If you need to send a large attachment (or more) but don't want to clog up your recipients inbox, Mail will automatically store the attachment in the cloud for them to download. There's no need to use a separate app like SendBigFile, Mail does it all for you with the Mail Drop feature.

Mail works with the various types of email accounts, including iCloud, Exchange and Gmail, and it's easy to set up - just open Mail, choose Mail > Add Account from the menu bar and enter your email details. We have perviously had a little trouble setting up Hotmail and though.

Mail is also heavily integrated with macOS, so you can send replies from the Notification Centre, or send an email from within another app using the Share feature.

With the macOS Big Sur release, Apple added tabs to Mail, so you can have multiple inboxes open at once and switch between them just like tabs on Safari. To open a new tab in Mail press Shift and choose File > New Viewer Tab.

macOS Mail is a very decent email package that comes with lots of useful features, and thanks to its integration with macOS and iOS it works seamlessly across all your devices and all your other Apple apps. It would be very easy to stick with Mail, but if your email struggles are becoming unbearable, or you think that you could use some additional features such as undo send or the ability to pin important mails, there are lots of other email clients worthy of consideration.

Mac Mail Settings

Below we'll look at what we think are the best free options, along with some paid for options that might just change your life.

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