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FonePaw Data Recovery for Mac is a solid option for all users who want to recover data stored on NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, and EXT devices because a single license costs only $39.95. It’s, unfortunately, not a good option for Mac users who would like to recover data stored on the Mac hard drive. Cisdem DataRecovery 3. Cisdem DataRecovery 3 is one of the most popular data recovery software. Disk Drill Data Recovery for Mac​ Disk Drill is suitable for all Mac users who don’t want to take any. The Best Data Recovery Software. Data recovery software is your best (and sometimes only) hope of getting lost files back. We test and pick the best utilities for both Macs and PCs.

Getting Started With EaseUS

EaseUS impressed me from the start in testing. I got started by copying an audio CD to a BIN/CUE file combination for burning to a backup CD, and then deleting the files from my hard disk and emptying the recycle bin. EaseUS got it back in perfect condition, while its rival Stellar Data Recovery reported that it had recovered the file, but instead brought back only a useless fragment of the BIN file.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery


Seagate Premium Recovery Suite




Prosoft Data Rescue PC4


Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery

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On the same hard disk, EaseUS easily found and recovered at least a dozen graphics files that Stellar didn't find at all. Both EaseUS and Stellar offer optional deep scans that can take hours to search every sector on a drive for recoverable files, but only EaseUS lets you search and preview files that the app has already found, while the deep scan continues in the background. Stellar makes you wait until the deep scan is complete.

On a 2TB spinning-platter drive that I used for testing, EaseUS required ten hours for a full scan, while Stellar needed a whopping 34 hours. Since I was able to find the files I wanted long before EaseUS completed its scan, its ability to recover while scanning was vastly more convenient than Stellar's refusal to let me recover files or do anything else in the program while it made its scan.


When you launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard it starts by displaying a list of locations on your system where the app can search for lost data—drive letters, the Recycle Bin, the Desktop, or any specific folder. Click a location and the Scan button, and it goes to work, automatically creating a full file list and a list of deleted files during its initial scan. With Stellar, in contrast, you have to wait while it resorts its file list if you want a list of deleted files. EaseUS, also unlike Stellar, lets you use a Filtermenu to limit the search to specific file types, or to zero in on files modified in the last three days, or in the three days before that, or other date ranges. And the same menu lets you zero in on different file sizes, such as under 100KB or between 100MB and 1GB. Stellar doesn't have these options. When the app finishes scanning your drive for data, it displays a well-organized file list, with deleted files listed separately from other files, and an optional preview pane.

Do your data recovery professional for mac - 39 user reviews 2017

Not Everything Can Be Saved


Your Last, Best Option

Do Your Data Recovery Professional For Mac - 39 User Reviews

No data recovery apps is perfect. Like its rivals, EaseUS lists files that it can't recover, and we wish it automatically tried to display preview images of every file it lists for recovery—instead of automatically previewing graphic files and making us click on a button before trying to preview most document formats. Compared to this app's benefits, these minor flaws seem trivial, however and the app os an impressive contrast to its rival app Stellar Data Recovery. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is our clear Editor's Choice forshowEmailSignUp()'>

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