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Release Date: May 15, 2013

regressions <>`_ foundin Python 3.3.1.

Python 3.3 includes a range of improvements of the 3.x series, as well as easierporting between 2.x and 3.x.

  • PEP 380, syntax for delegating to a subgenerator (yield from)
  • PEP 393, flexible string representation (doing away with the distinctionbetween 'wide' and 'narrow' Unicode builds)
  • A C implementation of the 'decimal' module, with up to 120x speedupfor decimal-heavy applications
  • The import system (__import__) is based on importlib by default
  • The new 'lzma' module with LZMA/XZ support
  • PEP 397, a Python launcher for Windows
  • PEP 405, virtual environment support in core
  • PEP 420, namespace package support
  • PEP 3151, reworking the OS and IO exception hierarchy
  • PEP 3155, qualified name for classes and functions
  • PEP 409, suppressing exception context
  • PEP 414, explicit Unicode literals to help with porting
  • PEP 418, extended platform-independent clocks in the 'time' module
  • PEP 412, a new key-sharing dictionary implementation that significantlysaves memory for object-oriented code
  • PEP 362, the function-signature object
  • The new 'faulthandler' module that helps diagnosing crashes
  • The new 'unittest.mock' module
  • The new 'ipaddress' module
  • The 'sys.implementation' attribute
  • A policy framework for the email package, with a provisional (seePEP 411) policy that adds much improved unicode support for emailheader parsing
  • A 'collections.ChainMap' class for linking mappings to a single unit
  • Wrappers for many more POSIX functions in the 'os' and 'signal' modules, aswell as other useful functions such as 'sendfile()'
  • Hash randomization, introduced in earlier bugfix releases, is nowswitched on by default
  • Change log for this release.
  • Report bugs at
  • Help fund Python and its community.



This is a production release. Please report any bugs you encounter.

We currently support these formats for download:

  • Bzipped source tar ball (3.3.2)(sig), ~ 14 MB
  • XZ compressed source tar ball (3.3.2)(sig), ~ 11 MB
  • Gzipped source tar ball (3.3.2)(sig), ~ 16 MB
  • Windows x86 MSI Installer (3.3.2)(sig) and Visual Studio debug informationfiles(sig)
  • Windows X86-64 MSI Installer (3.3.2)[1](sig) and Visual Studiodebug information files(sig)
  • Mac OS X 64-bit/32-bit Installer (3.3.2) for Mac OS X 10.6 and later[2](sig).[You may need an updated Tcl/Tk install to run IDLE or use Tkinter,see note 2 for instructions.]

The source tarballs are signed with Georg Brandl's key, which has a key id of36580288; the fingerprint is 26DE A9D4 6133 91EF 3E25 C9FF 0A5B 1018 36580288. The Windows installer was signed by Martin von Löwis' public key, whichhas a key id of 7D9DC8D2. The Mac installers were signed with Ned Deily's key,which has a key id of 6F5E1540. The public keys are located on the downloadpage.

MD5 checksums and sizes of the released files:

Download DVDAttacheCocoa For Mac 3.3.2 Crack

[1]The binaries for AMD64 will also work on processors that implement theIntel 64 architecture (formerly EM64T), i.e. the architecture thatMicrosoft calls x64, and AMD called x86-64 before calling it AMD64. Theywill not work on Intel Itanium Processors (formerly IA-64).
[2](1, 2) There is important information about IDLE, Tkinter, and Tcl/Tk on Mac OSX here.

Download DVDAttacheCocoa For Mac 3.3.2 Os

VersionOperating SystemDescriptionMD5 SumFile SizeGPG
bzip2 compressed source tarballSource release7dffe775f3bea68a44f762a3490e5e2813983134SIG
Gzipped source tarballSource releaseda521bfb9cc85b259b3e1dd15420832568638720SIG
XZ compressed source tarballSource releasec94b78ea3b68a9bbc9906af4d5b4fdc711847676SIG
Mac OS X 32-bit i386/PPC installermacOSfor Mac OS X 10.5 and later9d6094d54f5200d9c13d11c98d283cfe19618740SIG
Mac OS X 64-bit/32-bit installermacOSfor Mac OS X 10.6 and laterce63202f4a6caa956dac2116e21a29f419709642SIG
Windows debug information filesWindows2a3911ed48b54ce0a25683c72154a5ca27025960SIG
Windows help fileWindowse7eb67a7defbed74cbcf08b574f01f526605621SIG
Windows x86-64 MSI installerWindowsfor AMD64/EM64T/x642477b4bd8e9a337705f7b5fda8b3b45f20774912SIG
Windows x86 MSI installerWindows0d9db9c2316562c62e1e4c347b6f943020238336SIG
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