Download Groupon For Mac 1.1.2

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Download Groupon for Mac 1.1.2 pro

As a free Mac downloader software, Folx provides convenient download management, flexible settings, and is also fully compatible with the latest macOS. With its handy features, Folx makes downloading a breeze.

Essential features offered by Mac download manager

Lots of handy features and compatibility with the newest macOS make Folx the best download manager for Mac.

Splitting downloads into two threads

Each download can be split into 2 threads. That allows to significantly improve the download speed.

Smart Tagging

As a replacement of IDM for Mac, Folx allows assigning any download with a tag or multiple tags. With smart tagging, you can easily find the files downloaded to your Mac.

Browser integration

Mac download manager works perfectly with your favorite browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome. Just integrate it with any of these browsers via the Folx plugin.
Download Groupon For Mac 1.1.2

Auto download resuming

If the download suddenly fails, there is no need to start it over. Folx will take care of the interrupted download and will resume it from the place it has stopped.

How to download using Folx software

Folx free download manager Mac helps you save your favorite movies, TV shows and even soundtracks in MP3 format in the preferred quality. Not sure how to download on Mac? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide.
Find the file you want to download. Copy the link.
Open Folx and paste the copied link into the search bar. Press Enter.
Select the preferred video format and assign tags to your download if needed and click 'OK'.

Get more features with Folx PRO

Folx PRO provides a number of advanced features for the ultimate downloading experience.

Smart speed adjustment

To obtain optimal traffic distribution, Folx gives you complete control over the speed downloading Mac. You can adjust the speed manually or let the app manage the bandwidth automatically.

Download Scheduling

When it comes to how to schedule downloads for Mac, Folx allows downloading files at specific times. Just choose the most convenient time to start the download and configure what Folx scheduler should do after the download is complete.

Password saver

If you use some websites the most frequently, you can ask Folx to remember your credentials, namely login and password, for fast access. This way, you don’t need to sign in manually next time.

Apple Music Integration

You can set Folx to automatically send all downloaded music and videos to Music (formerly iTunes). Files will be shared to playlists according to your tags.


This download manager for Macintosh allows downloading files faster, as every download can be split in up to 20 simultaneous threads.

In-built torrent search

You no longer need to browse the Internet searching for torrent sites. Instead, enter your search terms into the in-built torrent search bar and Folx will show you the results from a variety of torrent trackers that match your query.

Compare FREE and PRO versions

1Splitting of downloads in multiple threads
2Downloads scheduling
3Integration with Music (former iTunes)
4Smart speed adjustment
5In-built torrent search tool
6Password saver for fast access to your favorite websites
7Fast download speed
8Splitting of downloads in two threads
9Automatically resume the downloads
10Multiple downloads simultaneously
11Smart tagging system
12Downloading through Proxy servers
13Support torrents and magnet links
14Spotlight integration
15Plugin for catching downloads in popular Mac OS browsers
16Quick Look integration
17Add-ons that integrates into browser context menu
18Support for Apple's Retina displays
19Different ways to add downloads to Folx

Frequently Asked Questions:

Download Groupon For Mac 1.1.2
A Mac downloader allows downloading files from the Internet to your Mac, as well as lets you manage the entire downloading process by providing various features such as automatic download resuming. Best examples of download managers are iGetter, JDownloader, Maxel, Folx.
The best downloader for Mac is the download manager that suits your requirements best. We recommend using Folx that serves as a download manager and torrent client for Mac. It comes with a neat and intuitive interface, and provides a lot of handy features.
Folx is a free Internet download manager for Mac that offers lots of essential features, including browser integration, proxy support and smart tagging. Folx is also available as a PRO version. Once upgraded, you will get more control options. For example, you will be able to schedule the downloads and control speed.
To download a new file with the Mac downloader app, find the file you want to download and paste its link into the Folx window. Click Enter. The pop-up window will open, adjust the download options if needed. Here you will be able to assign tags, schedule download, choose the download destination. To start downloading, click OK.

What customers say

'I use Folx as my default download manager for Mac and so far everything works without any issues. This is probably the most convenient and powerful downloader I've ever used.'
'Decided to upgrade to a new downloader. I chose Folx and did not regret it. It is stable and handles every download with ease. I really love the features it offers, especially the built-in torrent search, scheduler, and speed control. Thanks!'
'Folx offers everything I need for downloading. Reliable, fast and fully compatible with Big Sur download manager! And what I like the most is that it can be integrated with Chrome.'
'A very convenient auto-resume option - now I don't need to worry if the download suddenly fails and start it from the very beginning. Folx will resume the download without any problems from the place where it was broken. Folx is my top choice for downloading.'


Download Manager for Mac

Download Groupon For Mac 1.1.2 Software

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Requirements:OS X 10.9
Latest version: v5.26.13983, Released 16 Nov, 2021Release notes
Pricing: Starts from $19.95

Download Groupon For Mac 1.1.2 Pro

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MacUnace is a decompressor for Apple computers that offers you the opportunity to be able to work with ACE file, one of the most widespread file formats over the Internet. The program isn't so intuitive as other decompression software applications like StuffIt or The Unarchiver, because it doesn't have a graphical interface, and everything takes place from the command line.

Download Groupon For Mac 1.1.2 Full

ACE file extractor

The program is compatible with some graphical environments, like UnaceX, but it's possible that we'll encounter problems when it comes to decompressing some files. Obviously, it's a rather complex application, that isn't recommended for users that don't use the “Terminal” interface included in Mac OS X.

Download Groupon For Mac 1.1.2 Pc

If you don't know how to decompress ACE files on a Mac and you're looking for a program that will help you do so, MacUnace may be the perfect solution, because despite being one of the most complex options available, it's also one of the most effective.

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