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With KanjiQuick you can learn to recognize the Japanese characters visually, viewing the translations from English into Japanese. The word Kanji refers to the Japanese characters, that for people that don't know the language can be rather difficult to learn. That is why, KanjiQuick can come in very handy to become familiar with these symbols.

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Main features

KanjiQuick allows us to search for up 6,500 Kanji characters, 47,000 compound words and 80,000 names and places. By means of this search you will be able to locate any word, view its symbols, its meaning and how it is read. It also has a module to practice writing the characters, and animations that show the right way to write them.

On the other hand, KanjiQuick includes a translator in which you can paste a text in English and it will automatically translate it into Japanese.

A large database

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Install Anaconda¶ Download the Python 3, Mac version of Anaconda (500 MB download) or Miniconda (50 MB download). Either the Graphical Installer or Command Line Installer would work. For instance, with the Anaconda Graphical Installer. Trusted Mac download PasteBox 2.2.2. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get PasteBox alternative downloads. Espresso 5 3 24. Sixtyfour 1 7 4 – boost your old macs performance. Clipboard and Snippet manager for macOS ( submitted 2 years ago by astevic to r/macapps.

KanjiQuick also has a valuable database by meas of which you can perform various searches:

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  • Show all the Kanji that are pronounced in a certain way.
  • Show all the Kanji with a specific amount of lines.
  • Show them in Rômaji and Kana.

It has come the time to learn Japanese thanks to KanjiQuick.


Download Paste For Mac 2.2.1 Windows

  • It requires that you have an IME installed to view the Japanese characters.
  • Only works on Windows XP.
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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