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Boom3d is an audio enhancer and booster for Apple devices. Boom3d offers fine-grain control and audio tweaking that allows you to get the best sound out of you device and fully immerse yourself.

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Boom3d includes a patent-pending 3d Surround Sound technology that creates a virtual surround sound experience using any existing headphones. Boom3d also comes packaged with an audio player.

Features Include:

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  • 3D Surround Sound
  • Intensity Control
  • Equalizer Pre-sets
  • Audio Enhancement
  • Support for OSX and IOS
  • Audio Effects

Use built-in equalizer pre-sets to quickly optimize different genres of music with a single click.

Boom3d provides an Intuitive Intensity Slider that makes it easy for people without experience to fine-tune audio to their own taste.

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Overall, Boom3d is a powerful audio booster with a great deal of settings to personalize your music.

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