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Download TextEditOpenInv for Mac 1.0.2 proDownload TextEditOpenInv For Mac 1.0.2
Stykz is a multi-platform animation program that lets you bring simple stick figure drawings to life. Figure editing is based on a frame system: you draw each frame, one by one, in order to generate an animation.
The figures are drawn using lines, or segments, which are connected to each other using nodes; these nodes are also the figure’s joints. Functions such as onionskin lets you simplify editing by displaying the previous or following frame on the scene.
Figures which you create can be rotated, scaled, duplicated, colored, and flipped. You can also select several figures at the same time in order to line them up. The final animation can be saved in a MOV format movie clip. The creation of animated GIFs is still not supported.
For OS X 10.4.2 or later.

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Download TextEditOpenInv For Mac 1.0.2 Reviewed by Álvaro Toledo Translated by Stanislav Sousek

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