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Mozilla continues to work on further improvements for its flagship product: the free and open-source browser, Firefox. Its many features include enabling the simultaneous browsing of multiple pages with its tab system, supporting most existing web standards, and offering a personalized experience with extensions, plugins, and themes created by the community.
The latest installment is focused on improving its technical aspects, so the appearance is almost the same as in previous versions. Firefox has improved its performance and stability with optimized JavaScript engines and rendering, greater compatibility with HTML5, independent processes for browser plug-ins, and more.
This version has also improved the loading speed for sites and resource consumption to avoid excessive memory usage like previous versions. The browser gets better and better with each version, becoming more fluid and stronger competition for its main rivals.
In short, each new version of Firefox continues to improve and optimize the service. It is now regarded as a solid alternative to Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and has become the first choice for millions of users worldwide.
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  2. Nov 04, 2021 Many, many years of using Firefox browser in Windows and Mac machines. Now I have a strange problem in my iMac Catalina machine with Firefox 81.0.2 (64-bit). I am not able to sign into my user account in some web seller's page and not able to open their responses to me. Firefox 81.0.2 just complains that I should allow cookies, which I do.
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