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Mounty for NTFS 1.12

Mac; The third season of Telltale's adaptation of The Walking Dead follows a new main protagonist, Javi, as he gets involved with a community of survivors known as. 收集那些优秀的软件(Windows & Mac & Android & Chrome Plugins) - JustVita/Excellent-software.

Lightweight, user-oriented and unobtrusive menulet which makes it easy for you to re-mount NTFS vo...

  • Henry Apple 1770-1830 - Ancestry®. Born in Berks, Pennsylvania, United States on 1770 to Andrew Apple and Elizabeth Catherine Palm. Henry Apple married Maria Catherine Kramer and had 7 children. He passed away on 2 Aug 1830 in Union City, Clermont, Ohio, United States.
  • It was measured with Time Profiler on a simple scene (see screenshot). Download the latest version of Dota 2 for Mac - A modern multiplayer masterpiece. Read 0 user reviews of Dota 2 on MacUpdate. Every day, millions of players worldwide enter battle as one of over a hundred Dota heroes.

MacDroid 1.3 Build 110

Mount your Android devices as regular drives, open files without moving them to your Mac, and tran...

iRamDisk 3.6.12

Simple and straightforward macOS utility designed to make it as easy as possible to create and man...

Remount 1.0.11


A light, unobtrusive and reliable menulet specially designed to automatically connect and mount ne...

Command Line EFI Mounter 1.0


Command line solution for mounting with ease any EFI partition associated with one of the volumes ...

SAN Fusion 1.5.6 Build 3298

Helps you connect Avid Media Composer to an Xsan volume and allows users to mount and unmount work...

DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target

A simple and user-friendly application that enables you to effortlessly create multiple iSCSI targ...

Mountee 2.7.5 Build 240

A useful OS X application designed to help users create their own re-usable templates for their we...

Mac OS X 10.8 or later (Intel only)

WingFS 2.0 Build 61

A handy utility that allows you to login to and mount your favorite cloud services such as Dropbox...

Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel only)

FairMount 1.1.3

Open source macOS application that provides support for decrypting DVDs content on the fly, in ord...

Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter 0.98 Beta

A small but powerful Mac OS X application that enables you to quickly mount virtual disk images an...

bindfs 1.12.6

Mount a directory to another location and alter permission bits

Mac OS X

GridMount 1.4

Mounts Valve’s GCF and VPK files as drives inside Finder

Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel only)

Drive Mounter 1.6.1

A simple and unobtrusive utility specially designed to help you connect to all your network drives...

Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Intel only)


IPSW update files designed to help you effortlessly restore and / or update your iPad to the latest software version using Apple's iTunes


The world's most popular open-source browser, designed for users who want a customizable, feature-rich alternative to Safari that still takes privacy seriously

Google Chrome

Fast and user-friendly web browser that helps you navigate the Internet while also allowing you to stay safe and to synchronize your bookmarks between multiple computers

Hidden Bar

Hide menu bar items and avoid clutter without removing the icons altogether, using this impressively straightforward and lightweight app


Set the aerial videos recorded for the fourth-generation Apple TV as your Mac's screensaver and enjoy beautiful scenery from around the world


An easy to use productivity application for the macOS that helps you save time by speeding up your searches, on the web or on your Mac

VLC Media Player

Multi-platform multimedia player that helps its users play, convert and stream most popular video and formats via a simple and intuitive user interface

macOS Monterey

The latest macOS provides FaceTime improvements, a Safari rework, integration of various iOS features, and enhancements across the board


An intuitive word processor and layout designer that allows you to create documents using a multitude of templates and a versatile set of tools


Mounty for Mac - 13 User Reviews 1.12 hp
Fully-featured spreadsheet application that enables you to setup everything from the family budget, to lab reports and comprehensive financial documents


Intuitive presentation app that lets you create impressive slideshows with very little effort, using one of the many well-designed templates

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Offers you the possibility to quickly connect to a Windows-based computer in order to work with its programs and files, access data and more

Patched Sur

Run macOS Big Sur on unsupported Macs using an intuitive patcher that downloads the necessary files and creates a USB installer, then helps you update the OS


Simple to use macOS utility designed to help you to quickly and properly uninstall any application with a just a flick of your mouse
macOS Monterey
  • macOS Monterey
  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • Keynote
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Patched Sur
  • AppCleaner
  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Hidden Bar
  • Aerial
  • Alfred
  • VLC Media Player

sshFS Dingus 1.0 Beta

An easy to use sshfs mounter.

Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel only)

Phone Disk 1.881

Mount an iPhone or iPod touch in disk mode

ZipMounter 1.0.1

Mounts any ZIP archive as a volume

Mac OS X 10.6 or later (PPC & Intel)

Do you want to buy Cheap Human Traffic to earn maximum revenue from ad networks or increase sales/installs and double your ROI? If yes, then you are at right place. I have spent almost four months and thousand of dollars on testing different ad networks for my arbitrage business and finally have some deep info to share with you guys. I will be sharing best ad networks which provide cheapest quality traffic. Also, I will share my personal review of that network and tell you if you can make any profit out of it or not.

We all know Facebook and Google are big players in the market. They provide the highest quality targeted traffic for everything but due to increase in competition on those networks they have very high rates. So if you want to do arbitrage business or want to increase your app install then you should consider using cheap networks to save some money. These networks are not as good as those giants in term of quality but if you are marketing guru then you should know, how to leverage benefit from these networks.

These networks are best for arbitrage business, app installs, brand awareness but they do not perform well when it came to sales. Maybe because they don’t have high-quality traffic or they do not have good technology to target the right people. Whatsoever the reason is, our purpose is to get maximum ad clicks and app installs and that we can achieve easily with these networks.

I will be sharing networks on the basis of different category, starting from cheapest networks.

What is Arbitrage business?: You may not have heard this term before but you must have thought of it if you are marketer or webmaster. Arbitrage is a business in which you buy traffic for less cost and then sell it on higher cost. HOW?: You buy $5 traffic for your site and get $10 or more in return from ad networks like Adsense or and make a profit (You have to give some value but that’s not so hard).

  • These networks try their best to provide you legal and high-quality traffic but as traffic is generated by publishers, not by these companies, so there are possible chance that you may get some bot traffic too. The best way to avoid this is by tracking which sites are sending you traffic, then find the bad sites and block them in advertiser panel.
  • Some ad formats like Popups and popunder have high bounce rate as the session is not started by users but they have forcefully been sent to your site. To reduce bounce rate make your page as much attractive as much possible with lowest loading time and few redirects.
  • Some user might close tab before your site open so it’s quite common that you may see up to 10% lesser visitors than what ad networks stats show you. It’s out of control of these networks to know whether you have received all traffic or not.
  • Most of these networks have different requirements and policies, so read before submitting an ad.
  • Traffic sent by these networks might not be safe for Adsense or other ad networks so do everything at your own risk.
  • Do a lot of testing. Test each network before you spend some good amount. Test different ad layout and formats to find the best-converting format. Also, do some testing to find best landing page. This will reduce your advertising cost and increase ROI up to 100x.
  • Most of these networks do not refund when ad balance is depleted so test with a small amount first.
    Set Traffic frequency to prevent server overloading.

These are some of cheapest ad network, their pricing range starts from 0.0001/visitor to 0.01. These are lowest industry rates. So here you go.

1. PopCash

PopCash is popunder ad network which works on CPC basis. Minimum cost per visitor is $ 0.001 which means you will be paying 1$ for 1000 visitors. You can get a lot of visitors in this price range. Popcash interference is quite simple and easy. You don’t have too many options and filters but you have enough tools to completely optimize your campaign for maximum ROI.

Popcash is my favorite ad network. I have spent more than 500$ with Popcash and got good ROI. The only limitation here is Paypal, you need to have verified PayPal to advertise on Popcash. Other then that everything is perfect.

Campaign Approval Time: 1-12 hours
Targeting Filters: Country, OS, Device & Category
Min Deposit: $5
Ad Formats: Popunder only
Min CPC: $ 0.001
Support: Good – Skype, Mail and other.
Payment Method: Paypal only.
Adsense safe Traffic: Possibly safe.
Traffic Quality Rating: 4 Star.


2. PopAds

PopAd is also good Player in Market with plenty of Traffic. It’s also pop ads network with many different ad formats like popunder, pop-ups, and tabups. Apart from that, they also have many more filters and targeting features. But I haven’t got a good result with them as I have achieved with Popcash.

PopCash with no minimum bid which means you can place bid smaller than 0.0001. Most probably you won’t get traffic any traffic on such low pricing but you can join do some testing and find the best possible bid to lower your costs. Popads also you to throttle your campaign.
My Test: I have spent 60$ with them in total. Traffic was good but didn’t convert well. The best option I like of Popads is that they provide you prime spot which means you can only target those people who haven’t received pop ads for last one hour. This feature can significantly improve conversions.

Campaign Approval Time: 1-2 Days.
Targeting Filters: Country, Device, Location, Time, Network.
Min Deposit: $10.
Ad Formats: Popup, Popunder, TabUp, Tab under.
Min CPC: 0.0001
Support: Skype, Email.
Payment Method: Paypal, Credit Card, Wire, Bitcoin.
Adsense safe Traffic: No idea.
Traffic Quality Rating: 2.5 Star.


3. Propeller

Propeller ad network is another good ad network having several different types of ad formats and very large amount of traffic. The have volume of 700M daily impressions which is a pretty huge number. They have several pricing models like CPA, CPL & CPM which help you get better control over your ads. Propeller network has all type of ads including banner, popunders and video ads.

The only thing which might stop you from testing this network is their minimum deposit of $100 but don’t worry they will refund you your remaining balance if you request them.
I have tested this network too, spent 30$ but the conversion was near to zero and bounce rate was very high which lead me to stop using network any further.

Campaign Approval Time: Up to 1 week.
Targeting Filters: Country, Device, Location, Connection, Mobile carrier, OS and Time.
Min Deposit: $100
Ad Formats: Banner, Popups, Popunder, Redirects.
Min CPC: $0.50.
Support: Email only.
Payment Methods: Paypal, Credit Card.
Adsense safe Traffic: I don’t think so.
Traffic Quality Rating: 2 Stars.


4. PlugRush

Do you know that Adult traffic is one of cheapest traffic on the internet? yeah, cheapest and very rarely used but some companies like Eat24 take it to next level and increase conversion up to 8x using adult traffic (Read their case study on their blog).
PlugRush is adult traffic network but doesn’t just ignore it. It’s one of most powerful adult traffic network with similar ad format like a propeller. The only good point here is that you will get the cheapest traffic at the lowest rate and if you can convert that traffic then it’s a good opportunity for you to earn some extra income. It takes some time and testing to get some result but its worth testing.

After reading few case studies I thought to get my hands dirty with Adult traffic and it was good to see that traffic does convert if you play properly.
They have some different campaign approval policies so read before you submit your first ad. The best thing about Plugrush is that you can start with as little as $1.

Campaign Approval Time: 1 Week.
Targeting Filters: Advance targeting and capping: Country, Location, Device, OS and more.
Min Deposit: $1 Paypal.
Traffic Type: Adult Traffic only.
Ad Formats: native ads, banners, pops, and redirects.
Min CPC: 0.0001
Support:Good via Email.
Payment Method:
Paypal, Credit Card and Bank Transfer.
Adsense safe Traffic:
May not because it’s an adult.
Traffic conversion ratio:
Traffic Quality Rating:
3 Stars.


Mounty For Mac - 13 User Reviews 1.12 Hp


I am sure that you must have tried if you are a marketer. This is one of the best ad networks for popups, interstitials, and redirects but their pricing is much higher than any other one in the industry. Their traffic worth spending money as quality is much better which lead to more conversions
I have spent hundred of dollars with Adfly and the result was good as always. Their self-serve platform is simple and straight forward with auto deposit and withdrawal functionalities.

Campaign Approval Time: 2 Days usually.
Targeting Filters: Country, Device, Carrier.
Min Deposit: 5$.
Ad Formats: Popups, interstitials.
Min CPC: Different depending upon the country.
Support: Email
Payment Method: Paypal.
Adsense safe Traffic: Maybe.
Traffic Quality Rating: 4 Stars.


6. Taboola

Now, this is first native ad network in our list. Native ad formats have very high conversion compared to pop up and interstitials. Taboola is my favorite native ad network with pricing as low as $0.01 which means you can get 100 Quality visitors for 1$. Remember quality is much better than quantity when we are dealing with conversion.

Taboola only provide self-serve platform to US advertiser so signup on their site as US seller and you will be able to do everything yourself

Campaign Approval Time: Less than 1 week.
Targeting Filters: Country, Location, Device, OS.
Min Deposit: Postpaid, mean you don’t need to pay in advance. (140$ authorization is charged for 14days which are then return backed to credit card).
Ad Formats: Native ad formats only.
Min CPC: $0.01.
Support: Email only, Bad support, sometimes they don’t even reply for months.
Payment Method: Credit card only.
Adsense safe Traffic: Yes for the sure.
Traffic Quality Rating: 5 Stars.


7. RevContent

RevContent is another native ad network which server more than 250B Content recommendation per month. Using them you can advertise on big sites like Forbes and Reuters. RevContent provides a self-serve platform for everyone. They are good because they don’t have so many rules and regulations like Taboola. Traffic Quality is good but they take a lot of time for campaign approval which is bad.

RevContent server more than 250B Content recommendation per month and used by big sites like Forbes and Reuters
The platform is simple and straightforward with easy user interface but you may have to sign credit card agreement with them in which you will allow them to charge your credit card.

Campaign Approval Time: 1-2 Weeks.
Targeting Filters: Country, Location, OS, Device, Language.
Min Deposit: 10$.
Traffic Type: Native.
Ad Formats: Native Ad formats.
Min CPC: $0.01
Support: Email only.
Payment Method: Credit Card.
Adsense safe Traffic: Yes, because of high quality.
Traffic Quality Rating: 4+ Stars.


8. Content Dot Ad

Content dot ad is very good native ad network but I haven’t tried it yet just because their min deposit is $250 which is bit high than usual.
They also let you run a promotional campaign through their native ad network which Taboola don’t allow. They have a very high display and CTR because of their ad formats.
Minimum rates vary between ad formats, like if you are running promotional ad then native ad rate will be seven cents but if you are running your blog post ad then it will be $0.01.

Campaign Approval Time: 1 Week.
Targeting Filters: Country, Location, Device, OS.
Min Deposit: $250
Traffic Type: Native
Min CPC: $0.01 for editorial content / $0.07 for promotional content.
Support: Good, fast reply.
Payment Method: Credit Card.
Adsense safe Traffic: Yes, already many people using to run viral website business.
Traffic Quality Rating: 3.5 stars.


Mounty for Mac - 13 User Reviews 1.12 oz

9. OutBrain

Outbrain is only for high-quality editorial blogs. They won’t allow you to advertise on their network if your website is not good and authentic. They provide very good support, coupons and help to advertisers.
Outbrain is famous for quality. Many high-quality sites only prefer to use Outbrain for their native network.
Taboola revenue for publishers are higher than any other ad networks, so if you are publisher try to get Taboola publisher account to earn some extra revenue but they are pretty much selective.

Campaign Approval Time: 3 Days usually.
Targeting Filters: Country, Location, Device, Adblock users.
Min Deposit: No depoist required. Postpaid.
Traffic Type: Native.
Min CPC: $0.03 but you have less chance of getting any traffic at low CPC.
Support: Email, Good.
Payment Method: Credit Card.
Adsense safe Traffic: Yup. No need to explain.
Traffic Quality Rating: 5 Stars.


10. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a great platform to buy high quality converting users at very low cost. But you have to be tricky here, not all sites and ad format converts. The best way to buy ads on BuySellAds is that only advertise on those sites which charge you on monthly basis, not on an impression basis. This way you will save the big money. First search these type of sites on BuySellAds, then do some math to see how much traffic you will get and if your math tells you that you can convert users and make a profit then go ahead and try this network. BuysellAds is banner ad network so you have to create very high quality and catchy images that can attract maximum visitors.

Ad Formats: Animated n nonanimated banners only.
Support: Good.
Payment Method: Multiple.
Adsense safe Traffic: Yeah. The network has only high-quality sites.
Traffic Quality Rating: 5 Star.


11. Seven Search

7 Search is a search based ad platform which gives you very low-cost PPC ads. Just signup on their site and get started with as low as $25. I have heard that their traffic is highly converting but haven’t tried myself yet.

Targeting Filters: Keyword, Device, location.
Min Deposit: $25
Traffic Type: Search.
Min CPC: $0.01.
Support: Good.
Traffic Quality Rating: 4 Stars.


12. Infolinks

Infolink is an AdWord competitor. They don’t have big portion have the internet but still, many small bloggers use them. You can take benefit of the keyword based target and can attract highly targeted people easily for your campaigns and site.

Campaign Approval Time: 1 Week.
Ad Formats: Banner, Links.
Support: Good.
Payment Method: Paypal.
Adsense safe Traffic: Yup.
Traffic Quality Rating: 3 Stars.


13. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is an old text-based ad network which let you advertise on small sites for very low cost. You can use their network for sales and app installs.

Min Deposit: $20.
Traffic Type: Blogs traffic.
Ad Formats: Banners, text links.
Min CPC: $0.01
Payment Method: Paypal.
Traffic Quality Rating: 2 Stars.


How to run an Arbitrage business?

Want to make some extra cash by running arbitrage business? You can make much more cash than you are usually making if you have found any converting ad network where you ad spent is less than earning you make with ad networks.
Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Create a viral site with very attractive content.
  2. Use maximum ad networks with maximum exposure.
  3. Use Adsense, Mediadotnet, Taboola and as many other ad networks as many possible.
  4. Start running test by buying traffic from these ad networks.
  5. Monitor whether you are making any profit or losing cash and then continue testing until you start making revenue.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any loss or account ban. Do everything at your own risk. This is the type of business already thousand of people are doing. You need common sense more here than luck. People don’t share their secret sauce so you make your own recipe.
Tip: Use multiple redirects to protect your ad accounts like AdSense, Taboola from any problem (You can use Twitter redirect link too).

Other ways you can make Money

Mounty For Mac - 13 User Reviews 1.12 Pro

1. You can sell this traffic to other people at a higher rate.
2. You can make sales using affiliate networks like Amazon and Clickbank.
3. You can earn money by providing installs and leads on MaxBountry (More profitable than anything else).
4. You can create brand awareness with this low-cost traffic.

Mounty For Mac - 13 User Reviews 1.12 Download

This is something I want to share with you people. You probably know many other things in this business that I might not know, so share your knowledge with me in the comment. Sharing helps everyone.
Hope you find it helpful. Ask me a question in the forum if you do have.

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