N-Track Studio Suite 9 Free Download

12/29/2021by admin
N-Track Studio is a powerful tool which can convert your PC into a full featured sound studio which you will be able to record your own creations with.
n-Track works with audiofiles and MIDI, its flexibility when working with audio files lets the user perform several actions with them.
Record, edit, play compress the files, do whatever you want with them to create your final project, and when it is done, burn it into a CD.
Thanks to the lots of tools included in this complete editor, you will be able to edit several tracks at the same time, mix them , add VTS or DirectX effects,...
Of course, you will need a full-duplex card, those ones which let you play and record at the same time.
N-Track Studio Suite 9 Free DownloadN-Track Studio Suite 9 Free Download

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