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  • The new version of Quark brings together a highly-evolved user interface, intuitive functionality and 160 new features into a single design and page layout software package to suit all your creative needs. The new transparency features not only allow you to create stunning documents, but they're stunningly easy to use.
  • Platform: No Operating System. 3.4 out of 5 stars. Start with a highly-evolved user interface for maximum productivity, then dive into the powerful features and functionality. You'll quickly discover how QuarkXPress 7 surpasses the competition in design, collaboration, and production.

Quarkxpress For Mac - 160 User Reviews 2018

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Grice W.: Hi. My name is Grice. I'm CEO of a recruiting company, and I give QuarkXPress a three out of five.I looked at other products, mainly Adobe Creator. Felt like that it was a little bit more cumbersome to learn. It was also on a monthly subscription basis only, and I didn't want to make that kind of a commitment on an ongoing basis. I wanted to be able to own the software outright, which is why I didn't go with those guys.I went with QuarkXPress because I had some prior experience like 20 years ago using a version of it prior. It felt like I had some awareness of what its capabilities were. It's a pretty hefty program. It's a lot to learn, but I felt like I could have a headstart compared to learning Adobe from scratch. The training was thorough and there were enough online tutorials to help me get up to speed.QuarkXPress is a significant program. It was a big change for some of the folks to learn. There was a lot of hands-on mentoring that needed to be done, but it was a rewarding switch. But it was definitely a pretty challenging onboarding.QuarkXPress is great because it's got so many micro-level ways to adjust and format and things like that that are really important as a designer, as a creator. I feel like if you know what you want to do and what you want to control, that's a good headstart before you make a product selection like this. But I'm really glad I picked these guys.
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