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QuickBooks for Mac is specifically for Macs and ideal for small businesses with no more than three users; just be aware that the software has a high learning curve.

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QuickBooks Mac

Total Rating3.0
Pricing Fair
Features Good
Reviews Fair
Customer Service Fair
Integrations Poor


  • Well-designed UI
  • Advanced features
  • Ample accounting reports
  • Double-entry accounting
  • Mac-based
  • Cash-basis and accrual accounting


  • No integrations
  • No email support
  • Limited users

QuickBooks For Mac Overview

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac is a locally-installed accounting program designed specifically for Macs. The software combines the best of both worlds by joining together the feature set and accounting complexity of QuickBooks Pro with the ease of use and more modern UI of QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks for Mac offers everything a small business should expect from accounting software. Key features include invoicing, estimates, bank reconciliation, accounts payable, and both cash basis and accrual accounting. While not as simple to use as some other programs on the market, its learning curve is significantly easier than QuickBooks Pro.

While many loyal Mac users are excited that this software works on their operating system, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Few new features have been added over the years, and there’s still not a single integration. The software is also on the more expensive side. These shortcomings, paired with poor customer support, no integrated payroll, and no payment processing, put QuickBooks for Mac out of the running for many small business owners.

Continue reading to see if the pros outweigh the cons for your business.

Table of Contents

QuickBooks For Mac Pricing

QuickBooks For Mac PlansPriceWhen To Use
QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022$349.99/yearIf you want software with good accounting features that are optimized for Macs

Beginning with the launch of QuickBooks for Mac 2022, QuickBooks has a new pricing structure. Previously, QuickBooks for Mac was only available for purchase as a one-time license. Now, the software is available as an annual subscription.

While some users may be put off by the costs of this new pricing structure, there are some benefits. With your annual subscription, you’ll get access to all of the latest features and security updates, will always have access to the newest version of QuickBooks for Mac, and will receive unlimited customer support and data backups at no additional charge.

Intuit offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not pleased with the purchase, you can return the software for a full refund.

QuickBooks Mac Plus

QuickBooks Mac Plus is priced at $349.99/year and includes:

  • Invoices and estimates
  • Expense tracking
  • Contact management
  • Accounts payable
  • Time tracking
  • Project management
  • Budgeting
  • Inventory
  • 100+ reports
  • One user

Extra QuickBooks For Mac Costs & Fees

Extra QuickBooks For Mac CostsPrice
Additional Users$200/year per user
QuickBooks Payroll$45+/month
QuickBooks Payments$0+/month + transaction fees
Right Networks Hosting$59.99+/month per user

There are a few additional costs to be aware of before purchasing QuickBooks for Mac. Your subscription includes one user. You can add up to two additional users at a cost of $200/year per user.

If you need payroll, you can sign up for QuickBooks Payroll. Unfortunately, QuickBooks for Mac does not integrate with QuickBooks Payroll, but it can be used as a standalone product. Pricing for QuickBooks Payroll starts at $45/month.

QuickBooks For Mac - 59 User Reviews

If you need payment processing, you can sign up for QuickBooks Payments as your merchant account provider. However, this service doesn’t directly integrate with QuickBooks for Mac. The main drawback to this is that there isn’t a “pay now” button or client portal for invoices. However, you can provide your clients with payment links to make invoice payments. You can pay as you go, with rates starting at 2.4% + $0.30 per transaction, or you can pay $20/month and get rates starting at 1.6% + $0.30 per transaction.

Finally, if you need more mobility, QuickBooks partners with Right Network and provides online server hosting. Plans start at $59.99/month per user.

Is QuickBooks For Mac Easy To Use?

QuickBooks Desktop products generally have incredibly steep learning curves. While QuickBooks for Mac Desktop can be difficult to navigate at times, the software is much easier to learn than QuickBooks Pro, and it has a much fresher, more attractive UI. It’s a sort of happy medium between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Desktop For Mac Features

Rating: Good
QuickBooks For Mac FeaturesAvailability
Client PortalX
Contact Management
Expense Tracking
Bank Reconciliation
Chart Of Accounts
Accounts Payable
Time Tracking
Project Management
Tax Support

QuickBooks for Mac has an impressive number of features, although not all of these features are as fully developed as Intuit’s other accounting products. However, you’ll find everything you’d expect from accounting software, including invoicing, time tracking, budgeting, project management, reporting, and more.

Here is a summary of the features QuickBooks for Mac has to offer:

QuickBooks for Mac makes it easy to create and send invoices. You’ll find multiple customization options to personalize your invoices as well as time-saving automations. Here’s what to expect when creating invoices and estimates with QuickBooks for Mac:

  • 31 invoice templates
  • 24 estimate templates
  • Custom templates
  • Batch invoicing
  • Progress invoices
  • Send payment links with invoices for ACH, credit card, and echeck payments
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Convert estimates to invoices

QuickBooks for Mac offers a number of great accounting and bookkeeping features to track and manage your finances. Optimized for Apple desktop processors, you’ll be able to do your bookkeeping faster than ever with features such as:

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Snapshot view with 15+ charts
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Automatic categorization of bank transactions
  • Batch-editing of bank transactions
  • Contact management
  • Vendor management
  • Rule-based customer groups
  • Expense tracking
  • Receipt management
  • Accounts payable
  • Chart of accounts
  • General journal entries
  • Write and print checks
  • Credit memos
  • Purchase orders
  • Sales receipts
  • Class tracking
  • Default email templates
  • To-do lists
  • Reminders
  • Import and export data

QuickBooks for Mac has a nice inventory feature that allows you to record details about your inventory, add custom fields, and even set reorder points. Here’s everything to expect from this feature:

  • Record items, services, parts, and more
  • Include descriptions, rates, and item numbers
  • Create custom fields
  • Set reorder points
  • Default sales tax items and sales tax groups
  • Sub-items for inventory bundles

You and your employees can track time easily with the tools included in your QuickBooks for Mac subscription. Highlights include:

  • Time tracking
  • Create timesheets
  • Attach billable time to invoices
  • Use progressive invoicing to bill in steps

QuickBooks for Mac has basic project management features, including:

  • Connect projects to customers
  • Set job status, start/end dates, descriptions, and more
  • Basic job costing

Keep an eye on your finances now and plan for the future with reporting and budgeting tools, including:

  • 110+ accounting and sales reports
  • Graphs and charts
  • Yearly budgets
  • Manual budgets
  • Create a budget using last year’s data
  • Budgeting reports

From sales tax to support for tax forms, QuickBooks for Mac has you covered with these features:

  • Unlimited sales tax items and groups
  • Default sales tax for contacts and items
  • Support for 1099s and 1096s
  • Track and record mileage deductions
  • Assign mileage to jobs as billable or non-billable

QuickBooks For Mac Reviews

Negative QuickBooks For Mac Reviews & Complaints

User experiences with QuickBooks for Mac seem split fairly evenly between negative and positive, with a slight lean toward the positive. Here are some of the most common criticisms:

  • The software doesn’t have the capabilities of QuickBooks Pro for Windows
  • The software has a steep learning curve and can be difficult to navigate
  • Poor customer support and long wait times

Positive QuickBooks For Mac Reviews & Testimonials

QuickBooks for Mac receives 7.6/10 stars on TrustRadius (based on 90+ ratings) and 4/5 stars on SoftwareAdvice (based on 70+ reviews). Here is what users like best about QuickBooks for Mac:

  • Intuitive UI that’s easier to use than other QB Desktop products
  • Designed specifically for Macs
  • Good feature selection, including invoicing, budgeting, and reports

QuickBooks For Mac Customer Service

Rating: Fair
QuickBooks For Mac Customer Service OptionsAvailability
Phone Support
Support TicketsX
Live Chat
Dedicated Support RepX
Videos & Tutorials
Company Blog
Social Media

One of the advantages of QuickBooks for Mac’s annual subscription is that customer support is included at no additional cost. QuickBooks has added support options to make it quicker and easier to get in touch, including a live messaging feature and a call-back option to eliminate long hold times on the phone.

QuickBooks for Mac does noticeably lack email support, which may be an issue for some users. However, in addition to its other support options, there is a help center with dozens of how-to articles that can be accessed from right within the software.

QuickBooks For Mac Integrations

One of the biggest downfalls of QuickBooks for Mac is that there are no integrations, not even to QuickBooks Payments. While the company focuses the majority of its integration efforts on QuickBooks Online (which has over 650 integrations), even QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise all have upwards of 200 integrations. So it is incredibly disappointing that QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t have a single integration.

Is QuickBooks For Mac Secure?

Rating: Poor

With locally-installed software, data security is primarily up to you; this is even more so the case for QuickBooks for Mac users. QuickBooks Pro provides automated backups and data encryption to Windows users at an extra cost. Unfortunately, this service is unavailable for Mac users. QuickBooks does offer good online resources for learning about protecting your computer.

Read our article, How To Keep Your Locally-Installed Accounting Software Secure, for more information on protecting your data.

The Final Verdict: Is QuickBooks For Mac Worth It?

QuickBooks Online Review
Business SizeIdeal for small businesses with 1-3 users
Choose If You NeedStrong accounting, locally-installed software for Macs, good reporting

QuickBooks for Mac is designed specifically for Macs and is ideal for small businesses with no more than three users. QuickBooks for Mac offers most features you’d want in good accounting software. From job costing and class tracking to contact management and expense tracking, QuickBooks for Mac does it all. It is also one of the few programs specifically designed for Mac. QuickBooks Desktop for Mac also supports multiple companies, and there are user permissions available.

However, the sheer number of features and the learning curve may be too much for micro-businesses. The software is also not ideal for larger businesses that require built-in payroll, integrations, or more than three users. The annual subscription may also be a bit pricey for smaller businesses on a budget.

Before you commit, make sure to check the other options out there. Start by checking out our Best Accounting Software for Mac Users, which may offer a better alternative for your business. If you’re new to accounting software and aren’t ready to tackle the learning curve of QuickBooks Desktop software, check out our picks for the easiest accounting software.

QuickBooks Mac FAQs

QuickBooks for Mac is not being discontinued. Beginning with the release of QuickBooks for Mac 2022, however, one-time licenses will no longer be sold, and the software will be sold as an annual subscription.

What new features and changes are included in QuickBooks for Mac 2022?

QuickBooks for Mac 2022 has a handful of new features, including improved bank feeds and transaction management, receipt management, automated statements, a direct connection to Gmail, and more. QuickBooks for Mac now also has an annual subscription pricing model, which includes unlimited customer support and automatic updates.

Is QuickBooks for Mac 2021 better than QuickBooks for Mac 2020?

QuickBooks for Mac 2021 added a host of features not available in QuickBooks for Mac 2020, including electronic filing of 1099s, payment links for online payments, automatic payment reminders, email templates, and more. However, it is important to note that support for older versions of QuickBooks for Mac runs out after three years.

QuickBooks Online is cloud-based software, so it can be used on any device with an internet connection, including Macs.

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This easy-to-use and feature-rich software is ideal if you have no bookkeeping experience and want top-notch customer support.Get Started.

QuickBooks For Mac - 59 User Reviews

Need A Simple Accounting Solution?


This easy-to-use and feature-rich software is ideal if you have no bookkeeping experience and want top-notch customer support.Get Started.

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