Shimo For Mac - 78 User Reviews

12/29/2021by admin
Shimo For Mac - 78 User ReviewsShimoShimo For Mac - 78 User Reviews

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Shimo For Mac - 78 User Reviews And Ratings

Shimo support SUCKS!
And the app wasn't any better.
I sent an email to [email protected] on Jan. 31st and received no reply.
Last night I sent another and received a reply with a link to follow.
In order to get help I'm supposed to either create an account or login using my Gmail account.
When you choose the Gmail option, you get a page ( that says:
'Freshdesk would like to:
View your email address
View your basic profile info
Manage your calendars'
And there's a Deny and Allow button.
First of all, If I'd wanted to give them my Gmail address I would have used my Gmail account when I contacted them. I used my Yahoo address because that's the one I use for software issues.
Second, I'm not about to grant access to my 'basic profile info' and calendars to someone I don't know, and I don't know anyone in Berlin, Germany.
Recently I installed Shimo to try it out. After using it for just an hour or so I ran into sites that couldn't be accessed because they thought I was in another country. Craigslist blocks most foreign IP addresses so I couldn’t access my account.
I quit Shimo but my IP address was still linked to another country.
I flushed the DNS cache and restarted Safari but it didn't help.
Only after rebooting was my original IP address restored so I could access my accounts.
This is unacceptable! When I disconnect from a VPN my IP address should be quickly restored, there's no way I'm going to reboot every time I'm finished using one.
That's why I contacted the developer, and they think they should be allowed to view my profile and calendars in order to provide support for their software which they're hoping I'll buy?
Do I get to view their calendars before purchasing? Probably not.
I'd love to know how they're able to provide better support by knowing when my next doctor appointment is, or when my family's birthdays are.
Guess I'll try Tunnelblick next.
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