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This tool is aimed at enterprises users, for enterprise deployment, when the person signing the app is different than the person(s) developing it. 3126: 122: 26: 3 years ago: launchrocket/229: A Mac PrefPane to manage all your Homebrew-installed services: 3124: 1045: 45: 3 years ago: GSDWeiXin/230: 高仿微信: 3120: 663: 152: 5 years ago. It's similar to smcFanControl but provides a little temperature readout in the toolbar along with the speed of one of the fans Mac Fans Control-a Fix for Mac overheating and noise problems Leave a Comment / HowTo, Mac, Review, Troubleshooting, Windows / By Hunk Apple says the control system in a Mac is very quick to react to temperature changes.

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Last Monday I reported that it was possible to adjust the speed of the MacBook Pro's fans via the command line. The hack involves modifying the plist files in AppleBlower.ktext and AppleFan.ktext. Editing the speed values for both fans allows you to speed them up to make your machine run cooler.

Smc Fan Control For Mac - 238 User Reviews Youtube

The problem is that many people don't like to use the command line and feel more comfortable with a graphical application. Enter Hendrik Holtmann's smcFanControl, a GUI application that lets you control your MacBook's fan speeds manually to make it run cooler.

For constant temperature display in the status bar I used smcFanControl, which discloses that the default fan speed setting is 2000 rpm (where it is silent) and the maximum is 6500 (where it all but roars). SmcFanControl’s readout appears in the status bar at the top of the MBA’s display. SMCFanControl (et al) have their place for users who wish to tax the CPU for exceptionally long periods, but in the case of genuine overheating can't be considered anything more than a very bad 'band-aid' for a serious problem that, if left unfixed, will destroy the computer. Oct 21, 2014 Download smcFanControl for Mac to control fans of your intel mac to cool it down, monitor temp.


According to CoreDuoTemp (another must have MBP app) my MacBook Pro was running at 162°F before running smcFanControl. After I launched the application I increased both fans from 1000 RPM to around 3000 RPM and within 10 minutes my temperature dropped to 115°F - a drop of 47°F. When I increased both fans to 6000 RPM (the maximum) the temperature dropped to 102°F after another 10 minutes. After all was said and done I was able to realize a temperature drop of 60°F on my MacBook Pro.

SmcFanControl For Mac - 238 User Reviews 2018

The only real down side is that your machine runs a lot louder with the fans running at full kilter. Users that are capturing audio or video or working in very quiet studios may opt for a quieter (albeit hotter)-running MacBook Pro, but users that regularly have to use an Apple notebook on their lap should absolutely download a copy of this excellent software tool. Since smcFanControl is software I'm not sure if it has any impact on Apple's warranty, the jury still seems to be out on it.

Apple should add smcFanControl to the Energy Saver control panel for all Mac portables. It could be in the form a little slider control that ranges from cooler/nosier on the left to hotter/quieter on the right. It would be even better if Apple offered a dynamic fan setting that allowed you to set a 'not to exceed' temperature when in 'travel mode' for example.

Finally, I can use my MacBook Pro on my lap again!

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