TouchCopy For Mac - 19 User Reviews

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  1. TouchCopy For Mac - 19 User Reviews And Ratings
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  3. TouchCopy For Mac - 19 User Reviews And Problems

Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable as described above. Click on the device icon in iTunes. Scroll down the Device Summary view until you reach the 'Options' section. Here you will see the checkbox 'Sync this iPhone over Wi-fi'. Make sure that this checkbox is checked. Then click the 'Done' button to apply.

TouchCopy For Mac - 19 User Reviews And Ratings

  • TouchCopy for Mac lets you copy your music, video, photos and games from your iPod back onto your Mac or directly into iTunes. It also saves all your music meta data, play counts, ratings and Album artwork. Search your iPod directly for specific tracks. You can also play music through your Mac directly of your iPod.
  • TouchCopy for PC. Choose license type: 1 PC / 1 Year 2 PCs / Lifetime. 12 Month Software License. Full, unrestricted access for a Single Windows PC. Use with unlimited iPhones, iPods and iPads. One-time purchase - No Subscription.
  • Download TouchCopy Free for PC and Mac. Copy your entire iPod, iPhone and iPad contents to your computer; including songs, playlists, photos and more.

Touchcopy Price

TouchCopy For Mac - 19 User Reviews

TouchCopy For Mac - 19 User Reviews And Problems

There aren't a lot of reviews for this program, and perhaps that's because the price is a little off-putting. $35 for what is essentially a single purpose utility is a little steep.However, if you're like me, it's a small price to pay to rescue data from multiple Apple products!I have (in no particular order), an iPhone 5, an iPod touch (1st gen), a couple of iPod Nanos, an iPad 2, a Macbook Pro and a PowerBook. Yeah, I have an iPod Shuffle 4, too, but that's not germane to this review.I also just bought a new car that has a number of ways of listening to music. Since I recently had a hard disk crash, my music is scattered in numerous libraries on multiple drives. How then, to recover the music I have on my iPad and transfer it to my iPhone when I don't have it already in iTunes?Enter TouchCopy. I researched the web for utilities that would allow me to copy data off my devices, and TouchCopy kept appearing in my search results. I downloaded the demo and gave it a whirl.Before I had run out of items allowed by the demo, I had connected to the online store and purchased the app! It does everything it claims to.I've read reports that it is very slow; not this version. At least not for me. Dozens of music files move in seconds. The interface? Not a problem for me, although I've heard some call it ugly. I think it's intuitive and very Mac-like, even if the icons don't have the Apple 'look' to them.All in all, I'm very pleased with this program. I see that an update has been issued only a day or two after the iTunes 11 release. That's pretty darn responsive, if you ask me!Nice job. I'm a satisfied customer.
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