USB Overdrive For Mac - 140 User Reviews 5.0

12/28/2021by admin
USB Overdrive for Mac - 140 User Reviews 5.0 reviews

USB Overdrive For Mac - 140 User Reviews 5.0 Reviews

This is a bit of a long review, forgive my seemingly rambling text. My general review and personal experience with the product comes first.
At the end I'll include how to find the VOX Tone Room program for those who need help with its installation.
Great amplifier at a great price. It really can't be beaten. It comes with a huge variety of onboard tones, but not too many as to seem overwhelming, as any good modelling amp should. 2x's 4 channel programming, and the VOX Tone Room program only makes programming and sound tuning even easier.I do strongly recommend this amp to any beginner guitarist, or a player who needs a good practice amp, or someone who wants to play, but keep things nice and quiet. I want to give it a full 5 star review, but it's not without it's faults. Namely, it was not obvious by any means to find the VOX Tone Room program. I had gone through the manual, looking for clear instructions as to where I can find the Tone Room program to install. I went to the VOX website, couldn't find any easy-to-spot download links, and those which I did find, only redirected me to VOX's homepage. Only after I had to contact VOX's customer support, was I able to find it on the VT20X's own product page, install MIDI drivers and THEN Tone Room. So it was a little hard to find. Once I got it all figured out, this small 8inch speaker was really working some magic.
I got it tucked into a corner on my desk, a bit out of reach, but I can manipulate all the controls and the soundbank from my computer with a 5 meter long USB cable I purchased from Amazon. I ordered the 4 channel VOX footswitch as well, and I can easily play from my computer desk, using the Tone Room program to change and program my amp, while using the footswitch to change channels, all without ever having to actually reach behind my cluttered desk to touch the amplifier at all!
It's really quite a gem. At this price, it's unbeatable. There really isn't anything else on the market for a bedroom player like myself, such as this. Not to mention, it has a separate volume and 'power' knob. Meaning I can get it to just the right loudness by manipulating the 'power' knob and the 'volume' knob together. Most amplifiers I've used really go from 0 to 100 really fast when you try to get low volumes, this is not the case with this amp!
I really love this amplifier. Just be aware, that you will have to be careful about the Tone Room program, since it was not an easy find for me!
In case you have purchased this amplifier, simply find the VT20x product at VOX's website, and under 'SPECIFICATIONS' you will find a link that says 'PRODUCT DOWNLOADS'. Click on the link, and you will be presented with a list of downloads for Mac and Windows users. Install the 'VOX Driver', 'VOX USB MIDI Driver', and the 'Tone Room Installer'. Run and install all three programs, and you should be all set to use Tone Room with your VOX amp!

Usb Overdrive For Mac - 140 User Reviews 5.0 Reviews


Usb Overdrive For Mac - 140 User Reviews 5.0 -

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